How Many Birds Are There In North America?

Like most things - the answer to the question - "How Many Birds Are There In North America" is - it depends. If you are asking how many species there are - well the Americas have a rich and varied avifauna. The Continental United States is home to 1107 different species of birds, while Canada and Alaska host 686 and 521 species respectively. Despite being a smaller country, Mexico has almost as many birds as the US, with 1118 species recorded here. That amounts to 3,432 different species.

Falcon photograph by Scott Bourne

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Avian Beauty Podcast #10 You light a fire with a simple spark. And in birding, that first bird that really captures your attention and makes you fall in love with birds and birdwatching is called your “spark bird.” For some people, it’s a regal bird, like the golden eagle. For others, it’s as simple as a goldfinch or…


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