Category: Bird Introductions

Breeding Plumage

Most birds moult twice a year, resulting in a breeding or nuptial plumage and a basic plumage. Many species have males wearing a bright nuptial plumage while breeding and a drab eclipse plumage for some months afterward.

Cattle Egret Photo by Scott Bourne

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Bird Introductions – Brown-headed Cowbird

This is a common Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) I post this picture to reinforce the fact that to me, ALL birds are special and important and worthy of photographing (and watching._ I realize that the poor old male cowbird here won't get the kind of love an eagle will. But I want to share my love of birds as well as my love of bird photography (they are two separate but equal passions with me) in the hopes that I can get others interested in birds.

Brown Headed Cowbird Photo by Scott Bourne

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