Avian Beauty Podcast #18

Starling Photo by Scott Bourne

Recently, we talked about the most popular birds in the United States – this week, let’s go the other direction. What are some of the least popular birds in the USA?

It may seem unusual to find someone who hates birds of any kind but it’s common to at least dislike certain bird species. Most of us who are birders spend our time looking for our favorites and don’t give much thought to the species we don’t enjoy. But there are people who really don’t like some birds. Call it a bird phobia – still others just find themselves disinterested in certain species.

On the least favorite list would be Couch’s Kingbird (a bird that is very successful in south Texas but doesn’t travel to other part’s of the country and therefore isn’t very popular. The MacGillivray’s warbler is near the bottom of the list because it is very shy. It skulks under thick vegetation most of the time. You will most likely never see one in your lifetime unless you are really searching for one.

The European Starling is universally disliked because it is one of the most prevalent species in the USA and it’s an invasive species. It’s very destructive to native wildlife. For instance, these birds can damage crops and their waste can spread invasive seeds and spread disease.

One more unpopular bird is the Lucy’s warbler. It’s a small, dull-colored homebody, that hates social interaction. Those aren’t necessarily factors that make birds popular.

Another bird that is low on the list – and I confess, one of my personal least favorite is the obnoxious plain chachalaca, a pheasant-like bird with ugly brown feathers. Its favorite activity is hopping up into a tree and screaming at the top of its lungs. At best these birds are a nuisance.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Avian Beauty. Thanks for listening.

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Scott Bourne is an Olympus Visionary, a professional bird/wildlife photographer, author and lecturer who specializes in birds. He is a pioneer in digital photography and was named one of the “30 most influential photographers on the Web” by Huffington Post. His photographic experience spans four decades and his bird/wildlife images have been published in more than 200 magazines and periodicals. He is also a Signed Master at Studio of Masters in China.

Scott has been a founder, co-founder, advisor or early stage investor in several technology companies such as NetRadio, Photofocus, and ViewBug.

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