Bird Introductions – A Convocation Of Eagles

What do you call a group of eagles? A convocation of eagles will do just fine. Learning the collective names for animals is a technique my first biology teacher used to get his students interested in the natural world.

I so enjoyed that class that I thought I would introduce you to some of the more interesting names for collective groups of birds.

My ultimate favorite is “convocation” of eagles, but some of the more unusual – if not downright odd are:

A “wake” of buzzards

A “trembling” of finches

A “college” of cardinals (and I am not talking about leaders of the Catholic Church!)

A “wake” of buzzards

But then there are the downright mischievous names:

A “banditry” of chickadees

A “murder” of crows

An “unkindness” of ravens

A “mob” of emus (That is a scary thought!)

There are some group names that are fairly descriptive:

A “scold” of jays

A “race” of roadrunners

A “mural” of painted buntings

A “prattle” of parrots

And here are a few more that I particularly enjoy:

A “slurp” of sapsuckers

A “drumming” of woodpeckers

A “flamboyance” of flamingos

What about you – do you have a favorite? If so leave a comment.

P.S. When is a “flock” of birds a flock? That depends. More on that some other time.

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Scott Bourne is an Olympus Visionary, a professional bird/wildlife photographer, author and lecturer who specializes in birds. He is a pioneer in digital photography and was named one of the “30 most influential photographers on the Web” by Huffington Post. His photographic experience spans four decades and his bird/wildlife images have been published in more than 200 magazines and periodicals. He is also a Signed Master at Studio of Masters in China.

Scott has been a founder, co-founder, advisor or early stage investor in several technology companies such as NetRadio, Photofocus, and ViewBug.

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