Avian Beauty Podcast #3

What do bees, bugs and butterflies have in common with birds – other than the fact that they can fly? Birds are great pollinators. Somewhere between 1000 and 2000 bird species pollinate and without them, our flower shops would likely go out of business.

Do you remember the old television commercial where the actor says “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature?”

Well it really isn’t. When humans disrupt the relationships between birds and the plants they pollinate, they put the entire world ecosystem AND economy at risk.

Hummingbird Photo Copyright Scott Bourne
Hummingbird Photo Copyright Scott Bourne

How does this all work? Let’s take an easy example. Hummingbirds love flowers. And when feeding on a flower, the bird gets pollen on its body. When it visits the next flower, looking for food, the pollen rubs off on that flower. The pollen fertilizes the plants eggs which produce seeds and assure the plants reproduction.

Don’t think that hummingbirds are the only pollinators. Spiderhunters, sunbirds, honeycreepers and honeyeaters are also common pollinator bird species.

Birds are not known for pollinating food growing crops, but this does not mean that they are not important. If it were not for the assistance of our feathered friends, many plant species would be in danger of extinction.

In next week’s episode, I’ll tell you about “The King Of The Birds.” It should be majestic.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Avian Beauty. Thanks for listening. Be sure to visit avianbeauty.com for more bird inspiration and information and please consider subscribing (for free) to our blog and podcast. I’m Scott Bourne. Happy birding.


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Scott Bourne is an Olympus Visionary, a professional bird/wildlife photographer, author and lecturer who specializes in birds. He is a pioneer in digital photography and was named one of the “30 most influential photographers on the Web” by Huffington Post. His photographic experience spans four decades and his bird/wildlife images have been published in more than 200 magazines and periodicals. He is also a Signed Master at Studio of Masters in China.

Scott has been a founder, co-founder, advisor or early stage investor in several technology companies such as NetRadio, Photofocus, and ViewBug.

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